About RawShotz

We built a different kind of photo server. A photo server for serious photographers, and designers, who want to share their work and have access to other hi-res images. The images on our site are lo-res versions of hi-res images. All are free to use. You can download the lo-res version by right clicking and simply downloading. For the hi-res version, simply click the HI-RES button.

If you love taking photos like me, you probably have thousands or tens of thousands of assets lying around. During this COVID-19 hiatus, I've fallen in love with my old hobby. I had time to look at the many (SO MANY) photos I've never shown anyone and it dawned on me that there are people who design websites and t-shirts and posters who might want to use my photos.

Having tons of photos lying around is like having change in your sofa, so I decided to build a website where photographers can get paid for their spare photos and designers can get free stock quality photos. Most "good" photographers appreciate a RAW format file. It means the data in the file is exactly what the camera saw.

When you snap a photo on your iPhone or Android, the computer will automatically adjust the picture to an algorithm it thinks you find pleasing. And amazingly, it's almost always right. I am super impressed with many cellphone photos, but nothing moves me like photos shot with pro-grade cameras in RAW format.

We apply this RAW algorithm to your photos for free! Make all of your photos look professional in an instant. It's very much a work in process and has many bugs but I am "launching" the site today so you can play with it and if you feel frisky, send your comments (good and bad) to kmages@RawShotz.com. I hope you like it!

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